AIABaltimore + Maryland APA | Open Works and Transform Presentation

Last night was the collaborative event hosted by AIABaltimore’s Urban Design Committee and the Maryland APA Chapter and the Emerging Planners Group. The night featured a tour of the new Open Works facility followed by a presentation of Baltimore’s new Transform Zoning Code by Laurie Feinberg.

Laurie Feinberg talks about the new Zoning Code
Will from Open Works Kicks Off the Tour

Even if you missed the event, you can still get the same experience. Open Works offers a virtual tour online, and we highly recommend checking their classes calendar for opportunities to actually use the space! And lucky you: Laurie has offered the presentation for you to view and save! Some corrections she noticed last night:

  1. Referenced throughout: The Design and Landscape Guidelines should really be “Design and Landscape Standards” as they are actual rules to be followed.
  2. P. 19: “Applications submitted & certified complete by June 4, 2017 will be reviewed under the existing code.” Since the 4th is a Sunday, any application would need to be submitted by the 2nd.

TransForm AIA 4-26_Page_01

TransForm AIA 4-26





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