From APA: National Community Development Week (4/17-4/22)

Take Action during National Community Development Week

Congress is in recess till April 21, and while the current budget process for FY 2018 is well under way, Congress has yet to take any steps to finalize spending for 2017.

That is where you come in.

Starting at the beginning of next week, tell your legislators how these programs have made a positive impact on our communities, with these, Actions to take during National Community Development Week.

  • Monday: Call your representative’s D.C. office.
  • Tuesday: Tweet your legislator.
  • Wednesday: Share your HOME and CDBG impact stories in a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.
  • Thursday: Post photos on Facebook of projects made possible with HOME and CDBG.
  • Friday: Watch @APAadvocates on Twitter for our recap of the best advocacy moments of the week.

New Resources for National Community Development Week

We have compiled a list of new and updated resources in the Advocate’s Toolbox to deliver everything you need to prepare, as you get ready to mobilize April 17-21:

Read our Blog Post for detailed instructions, tools, and tips on making an impact during National Community Development Week.

Webinar Recording Available: Analyzing the President’s Budget

APA held an exclusive Planners’ Advocacy Network webinar two weeks ago that covered the details surrounding the Trump Administration’s irresponsible budget proposal for FY 2018, and what the budget process could look like moving forward.

We thank everyone who tuned in to hear the latest news surrounding the troubling budget proposal. In case you missed it, there was lots to discuss, including but not limited to:

  • What’s proposed in the budget
  • How this budget proposal could affect planners
  • What planning advocates can do to make representatives aware that planners oppose proposed funding levels.

A recording of the webinar is available to all Planners’ Advocacy Network members. You must enter your name and email, and then register for the webinar in order to view the recording.

Watch the webinar recording


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