Winter Happy Hour Recap

If you missed it, don’t you worry, because it won’t be long before our next event! But for those who came out, we are so happy to have shared the evening with everyone last Thursday for the Emerging Planners Group Winter Happy Hour!We had seen some familiar faces, and some new faces—and we’re happy to count them all among our EPG family!

The evening was filled with laughter and rich conversations. Tha happy hour provided an opportunity for planning and design professionals to connect and socialize, but we also opened the floor at one point for announcements. Matthew Fitzsimmons from Hord Coplan Macht spoke for a moment about an upcoming event in which APA Maryland is partnering with AIA Baltimore for an April 26th event. Laurie Feinberg will present on the new ‘Transform’ Zoning Code. More information will be shared as it becomes available.


All in all, the night was a blast! From the great food (thank you, Ropewalk Tavern) to the hilarious hands in Cards Against Urbanity, we consider it a great success and we can’t wait to enjoy another fun night in the future!


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