Event // FREE Baltimore Whiskey Company Tour + Tasting

Join EPG as we tour the facilities of the new Baltimore Whiskey Company in Remington. They run tours from 12 to 4pm every Saturday. Including the tasting, the tour could taking about 30 minutes, or longer depending on the group. Please contact us to let us know if you have a preferred start time. We will announce the final tour time the week of the event, or sooner if there’s consensus.

Distilleries are popping up everywhere in Maryland. Here, we have one distillery that’s bringing life and fun back to a buzzing part of town—Remington! Join EPG on this tour and sample some Baltimore whiskey!!

PLEASE RSVP on Facebook, or email us to let us know you’re attending.


From Baltimore Whiskey Company’s website: “The Baltimore Whiskey Company looks to push Baltimore into the growing world of craft spirits by bringing its bold spirits to the city.

Maryland Rye was such a big thing that, even though the state has not appreciably produced any in some decades, Maryland Rye is still a big thing. As a grain and a spirit, rye predates these United States, and it is easy to see historical figures such as George Washington himself growing a crop of rye and distilling the spirit a few hundred years ago. Compared to the corn-mash bourbons of Kentucky which contain between zero and 49% rye by volume of the mash, a proper straight rye whiskey will have a good deal of spice, dryness, and complexity as distinguishing characteristics that make the beverage a decidedly sophisticated spirit. Maryland has not forgotten how to enjoy a good rye whiskey, so we intend to see that she does not forget how to manufacture it either.”

16-0910 BWC Tour


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