Call for Board + Committee Members

EPG Maryland is looking for individuals who are dedicated, passionate, serious, goofy—and everything in between—to join our board and help us create a strategic vision for our group.

After much talk, it is finally happening! EPG found new leadership in 2014, adopted a new brand in early 2015, and hosted our first happy hour in August 2015. Now, we aim to solidify our role, expand to host more activities in the coming years, and to step up and serve as an invaluable resource for young, emerging, and transitioning planners.

In this planning process, our preliminary timeline is as follows:

  • Organize an “interest” meeting in early December to gather interested parties
  • Begin drafting Bylaws and Strategic Vision in January
  • Release draft Bylaws and Strategic Vision in February for comment and review (publish on WordPress and Facebook, and link on Instagram, share via email with our listserv, and request the MD APA Chapter to share with members)
  • Refine the Bylaws and Strategic Vision in March
  • Finalize prior to APA National Conference

If you are interested, please reach out to us at


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